Apr 01

About Atfin Consulting (Pty) Ltd


Atfin Consulting was established in 1997 as a consulting company centering its services on the healthcare industry.  It exists independently of any of the medical aid schemes, administrators or underwriters, ensuring that every client benefits from its objectivity and impartiality.

With the steady growth in our client base, came the need to diversify.  We now also focus on investments, commercial and household insurance as well as life, disability, retirement & pension funds.

Atfin offers a complete service package, detailed quotations, independent advice, processing of applications and activation of membership.


Through the years we have become well established, credible and reliable. Our current client base  is drawn from all sectors, i.e. governmental organizations, small, medium and corporate companies and it comprises of groups and individuals.

A national footprint with dedicated employees provides personal interaction and accessibility.  Every effort is made to educate our employees on an on-going basis to ensure best advice.  It is small enough to concentrate on the individual needs and big enough to cover national requests.  Focus is placed on producing friendly, efficient & fast service.


Member education
Claims and conflict resolution
Option changes
Problematic claims
Admission of special dependants
Benefit comparisons
Arranging wellness days
Chronic Education
Detection of the following:
- Fraudulent claims
- Over utilization
- Abuse

Why choose us?

* We are leaders specialising in the insurance industry.
* We have a proven track record.
* We have been servicing amongst others Telkom, the Post Office, various Municipalities and Small Medium Enterprises for many years.
* Our staff is intensively trained and is service-orientated.
* We fully understand the industry and make endeavor to keep abreast with new legislation.
* We have a national infrastructure, giving you access to personal interaction no matter where you are.

Reg no. 2004/021120/07 | An Authorised Financial Services Provider 6896 | Council of Medical Schemes 2825